Graphics showing a pen and some paper with the text SPMAFI President's Message to the Alumni June 2023 Updates

SPMAFI President’s June 2023 Updates

Posted on July 05, 2023

My Fellow Paulinians,

It’s been barely 6 months since I addressed you at our Alumni Homecoming last
January 2023 and since then the SPMAFI Board has been busy meeting with
Jubilarian Class representatives to plan and prepare for the next Homecoming event
in 2024 which promises to match the success of the last one, not only in terms of
attendance but also providing a truly memorable experience for all alumni coming
to revisit our beloved Alma Mater and reconnect with their Paulinian roots.

The SPMAFI Board has approved our Golden Jubilarian Class host (HS’1974)
recommendation to break from the traditional late afternoon-evening program held
at the campus quadrangle to a morning – noontime program to be held at the Fleur-
de-lis Auditorium. Let me not pre-empt the next homecoming program details which
will be announced and rolled out by our Jubilarian Class host through SPMAFI’s
social media platforms, namely our “” website and Facebook Page. I
encourage all alumni to regularly visit the SPMAFI website and follow our Facebook
pages for exciting updates on what you can expect at the homecoming as well as be
informed on other matters of interest and concern to all Paulinians of Manila.

Maximizing the Use of SPMAFI Social Media Platforms

At this year’s homecoming, we formally launched the SPMAFI. ORG official website
and Facebook Page as our primary communication tools to achieve SPMAFI’s
mission to build lifelong connections among St. Paul Manila alumni worldwide and
increase awareness, pride participation, philanthropic support, and investment in
the future of our Alma Mater. These social media platforms are intended to enable
SPMAFI to reach and remain in touch with our alumni members as they serve as the
virtual home that alumni can visit regularly, even outside of the annual homecoming
event, no matter where you are in the increasingly digital world we live in today.

In order to incentivize Alumni followership of our social media platforms and
maximize the use of our website online payment facilities, the SPMAFI Board has
approved significant discounts ( between16% -20%) on alumni fee payments made
though our website online payment channels until November 30, 2023, as follows:

Alumni Fee
ANNUAL Alumni Fee
Regular Charge Rate: PHP600 or USD 120
Discounted Online Rate: PHP500 or USD 100

LIFETIME Membership Fee
Regular Charge Rate: PHP7500 or USD150
Discounted Online Rate: PHP6000 or USD 120

This is a limited time offer (only until November 30, 2023), so alumni fee payments
made beyond this date or via non-online channels will be at the regular charge rate.
Please note that before paying your alumni fees online, you need to activate your
membership by registering through the website and updating your contact
information (provide your email address) so SPMAFI can send you official receipts
via email to confirm your online fee payments.

Campaign for Lifetime Membership Status

I urge all alumni to not only avail of the discounts for online alumni fee payments
but more particularly to opt to pay the Lifetime Membership Fee which will increase
significantly beyond November 30, 2023. Lifetime Membership status will relieve
you of the hassle of having to pay the alumni fees annually and those who have paid
for SPMAFI lifetime membership are deemed to have prepaid their registration fee
for their attendance at all future homecoming events. You will only have to pay
additionally for incidental costs like the meal stub, raffle tickets, souvenir photos
and other event-related expenses which are billed separately should you decide to
join the homecoming.

Further highlighting the significance of acquiring Lifetime Membership status,
SPMAFI recognizes payment of Lifetime membership fees as an expression of
individual alumni’s long-term commitment to SPMAFI and its vision to build “a
proactive and dynamic alumni community committed to living true to the Paulinian
spirit of Caritas Christi Urget Nos and ensuring that the legacy of a Paulinian
education remains vibrant and relevant in the years to come”.

Launching the Paulinian Legacy Endowment Fund

SPMAFI is dedicated to creating opportunities for our alumni to express their
generosity of spirit and fulfill the desire to pay forward all the blessings of our
Paulinian education through legacy-building projects that we intend to roll out
through our website which has a section dedicated to legacy building initiatives. To
provide funding support for our legacy building projects., the SPMAFI Board has
decided to establish the Paulinian Legacy Endowment Fund to serve as the
repository of our alumni community’s collective generosity and become the
beneficiary of philanthropic contributions from Paulinians who wish to leave
behind a meaningful legacy to benefit our alma mater and alumni community.

To provide seed money for the Paulinian Legacy Endowment Fund, all Lifetime
Membership Fees collected henceforth will be earmarked for this purpose and all
alumni who acquire lifetime member status will therefore become founding
contributors to the Paulinian Legacy Endowment Fund that SPMAFI is establishing
provide financial support for its Legacy Building initiatives and projects.

SPMAFI will be conducting other fundraising efforts throughout the year to solicit
donations in cash or in kind that we can monetize to provide additional funding for
the Paulinian Legacy Endowment Fund with an initial funding goal of P1 million to
be maintained as a sustainable fund balance so that it can continue to support
Paulinian legacy-building programs in perpetuity.

The Paulinian Legacy Endowment Fund will be managed separately from SPMAFI’s
operating funds and will exclusively be used to finance legacy building projects
endorsed to and approved by the SPMAFI Board. Solicited donations may specify
which legacy project it is intended to support and donors will be given a full
accounting and accomplishment report on how their donation was spent for full

Alumni members willing to volunteer and commit time, talent, and resources to our
Paulinian community and support many worthy causes that need our help should
check our website for available options and information on how one can contribute
or actively participate in various aspects of each legacy-building initiatives.

The work towards achieving our mission and vision for SPMAFI has only just begun.
This year we have taken concrete steps to reinvigorate our alumni community and
strengthen the ties that bind us as we rekindle the spirit of Caritas Christi Urget Nos
that is in our DNA as Paulinians of Manila. With everyone’s support and active
involvement, I am confident we can fulfill our shared vision and mission and achieve
success in our collective endeavors.

Patricia “Ricki” Arches
President, SPMAFI

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