Legacy Building

Learn about SPMAFI-endorsed advocacies, outreach, and continuing education programs for alumni involvement or participation, such as contributing to fund-raising initiatives undertaken in support thereof.

In support of the outreach programs of St. Paul University Manila, SPMAFI reaches out to the alumni to ask for their support of these endeavors, in addition to programs/projects of the foundation itself.  In this way, SPMAFI helps to build a legacy of living out the motto that is so dear to every Paulinian’s heart: Caritas Christi Urget Nos.

Following are two outreach activities, the first being one that SPMAFI has been undertaking for a good number of years, and the second an ongoing project of the school in observance of its 110th foundation anniversary:

SPMAFI outreach in the Correctional Institute for Women

St. Paul Manila at 110: Goodness Overflowing

November 13, 2022
St. Paul Manila is celebrating its 110th Foundation Anniversary this year, 2022.  The school was started in 1912 as St. Paul’s Institution, with a kindergarten class for children of the neighborhood, at the request of their parents that the Sisters teach their youngsters the Four Rs’—reading, (w)riting, (w)rithmetic and religion.  The school has come a […]
SPMAFI outreach in the Correctional Institute for Women

SPMAFI Outreach: Paulinians in the Correctional Institute for Women

November 13, 2022
The outreach activity for the Paulinians in the Correctional Institute for Women (CIW) has been undertaken by the St. Paul Manila Alumni Foundation, Inc. (SPMAFI) for over a decade
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