Alumni Services

Be informed about the services and benefits provided by SPMAFI.

Administrative support and coordination

Provide administrative support and centralized coordination of all alumni-related activities and programs, such as the annual homecoming event, various outreach programs, and collaboration with SPUM (St. Paul University Manila) Administration on joint projects or advocacies. Within our limited resources, SPMAFI commits to provide the following benefits to its alumni members.

Alumni database management and communication

Build and maintain an updated database of alumni members and facilitate contact and communication among them and with SPUM and other entities as needed to discuss, resolve, or elevate alumni concerns and issues, while promoting or protecting their interest.

Alumni Networking and Resource Sharing

Tap alumni resource base to create networking opportunities among members seeking employment, consultancy/expert advice, access to training and mentorship programs, or to bring alumni together for collaborative projects and mutually beneficial endeavors.

Provide continuous learning opportunities

Provide alumni easier access to SPUM continuous learning programs and online learning facilities for their professional growth and development. Invite some alumni to speak at SPUM/SPMAFI sponsored seminars or professional forums, to share their experience and expertise and showcase the benefits of a Paulinian education, while enhancing the quality of academic learning at SPUM.

Developing Brand Partnerships/Sponsorships

Seek on a continuing basis, partnerships with organizations and enterprises that can provide SPMAFI members with additional benefits, such as patronage discounts, sponsorship of alumni events and activities, and co-branding opportunities that will give SPMAFI a share of sales proceeds as donations for our fund-raising efforts.
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