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SPMAFI President’s Annual Report for 2023

Posted on February 16, 2024

I write this speech uncertain if I will be able to deliver it at this year’s Homecoming as I was caring for my younger brother Vernon who was fighting a losing battle with pneumonia, finally succumbing to it last Sunday after a month in intensive care. While still mourning the loss of a loved one, I decided to come today so as not to miss this opportunity to report on positive developments and accomplishments of SPMAFI in the past year which is traditionally the subject of the President’s Address at our annual homecoming event.

2023 Report Card:

  1. Financial Recovery

    2023 was a year of recovery for SPMAFI, starting off with a highly successful and well attended homecoming same time last year after a Covid-induced 2 –year hiatus.

    Financially, SPMAFI managed to come out of a budget deficit with record attendance at the homecoming and successful fund raising efforts mounted by our Ways & Means Committee led by Trustees Tess Manimtim, Auditor Ruby Abasolo, and Treasurer Aida Simborio.

  2. Lifetime Membership Campaign

    This was further boosted by a campaign to get more alumni to pay the Lifetime Membership Fee with significant discounts granted to lifetime fee payments paid thru the SPMAFI Website by end November 2023. To date, we have 104 registered lifetime members, 40%  of whom signed up only last year, generating over  P263K in revenues which we have earmarked to start up the Paulinian Legacy Endowment Fund that SPMAFI created last year to support our Outreach Program and longterm legacy- building projects.

  3. Paulinian Legacy Endowment Fund

    Lifetime membership fees generated henceforth will be segregated and used as seed capital for the Paulinian Legacy Fund , which will also serve as a receptacle for alumni donations, endowment gifts and proceeds of fund raising efforts to fund programs and initiatives that propagate Paulinian values inherent in “Caritas Christi Urget Nos” and have a meaningful, long term impact on our alumni community and our Alma Mater St. Paul Manila . SPMAFI’s goal is to build and sustain the Paulinian Legacy Fund at a minimum P1 Million level as a revolving fund  to be able to mount legacy- building projects on a continuing basis.

  4. Alumni Resource Pool and Speakers Bureau

    Among  SPMAFI’s major initiatives last year was the creation of an Alumni Resource Pool and Speakers Bureau, under the auspices of MOM (Marionette Ocampo Martinez) who chairs SPMAFI’s Education and Christian Formation Committee. Paulinian alumni were enlisted to share their expertise and experience in their chosen fields of endeavor with SPUM’s faculty. staff and students , as resource speakers and facilitators in the school’s seminars, workshops and development programs. This laudable program provides a perfect opportunity for alumni to give back to our beloved alma mater and pay forward the excellent foundation we acquired as students at St. Paul as well as share learnings and life experiences from our professions and life pursuits.        

    To date, SPMAFI has compiled a Speakers Bureau numbering 54 outstanding Paulinian alumni who have agreed to serve in this capacity on a pro bono basis to enrich and upgrade SPUM’s academic programs and volunteer their time to contribute to SPMAFI’s continuing learning programs for its alumni constituency. May I ask those who signed up for the Speakers Bureau present at today’s homecoming to stand up and be recognized. May your tribe increase….

  5. Thanksgiving Visit to SPC Vigil House

    Caritas Christi Urget Nos……and as they say charity begins at home. Hence, SPMAFI’s Outreach Committee led by External VP Heidy Cachuela and Trustee Lahla Laforteza chose to organize a visit to St. Paul’s Vigil House as its first outreach activity last November.  SPMAFI turned over cash and in-kind donations solicited from alumni, during a morning program preceded by a simple merienda donated by SPMAFI PRO and Trustee Millie Reyes and the Plaza, with entertainment provided by George Tagle (son of Paulinian Alumna Beth Tagle) and his singing group who serenaded our beloved St. Paul Sisters with a medley of songs that they thoroughly enjoyed and even danced to. The SPMAFI Board has decided to make a visit to the Vigil House as an annual tradition and thanksgiving celebration to convey our alumni community’s gratitude to our St. Paul nuns who mentored and took care of generations of Paulinian Alumni through the years. All alumni are invited to join our future Thanksgiving visits to the Vigil house.

Summing up the Year that Was

To sum up, I believe SPMAFI took significant strides towards fulfilling our mission to build lifelong connections among St. Paul Manila worldwide and achieving our vision to create a pro-active and dynamic community living true to the spirit of Caritas Christi Urget Nos while ensuring that the legacy of a Paulinian education remains vibrant and relevant in the years to come.

But over and beyond the various activities and programs we undertook last year, I think the biggest gains were made in our efforts to revitalize the sense of belonging among Paulinian alumni to a larger community, being part of an extended family if you will, that we all felt as students of St. Paul Manila. This family spirit touched me personally and deeply these past few weeks, as I drew strength and comfort from the prayers and emotional support offered by the SPMAFI Board and my Paulinian family for my brother Vernon during his protracted hospital confinement until we surrendered him to God’s will exactly a week ago today on the Feast of the Santo Nino.

This year’s Paghabi Homecoming theme is a call to rekindle that family connection and strengthen the ties that bind us as members of this Paulinian community, so we can be here for each other and our beloved Alma Mater. May I extend my sincere congratulations to our Jubilarian hosts and batch celebrants and our hardworking Homecoming Committee Chair Popi Gutay for mounting another successful, if not record-breaking homecoming event. I wish to thank as well our St. Paul sisters, faculty and Admin staff for welcoming us home and allowing us to reconnect with our Paulinian roots and reminisce happy memories of time spent in the halls and corridors of our beloved school.

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