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SPMAFI Board Resolution on Proposed 2025 Homecoming Program Participation Fee as Presented by Golden Jubilarian Host HS Class 1975

Posted on May 27, 2024

Following the meeting held last April 17, 2024 with the SPMAFI Board at which Golden Jubilarian Host batch HS Class 1975 presented plans and program for the next Alumni Homecoming to be held in January, 2025, several issues were raised in connection with the Proposed 2025 Homecoming Program Participation Fee to be imposed and collected by the Host Batch from any and all jubilarian batches who wish to perform and join the next Homecoming’s Program. 

Specifically, the following concerns were surfaced by a number of jubilarian batch reps and some SPMAFI Trustees, discussions on which have become quite contentious leading the SPMAFI Board to call a special meeting yesterday, May 24, 2024  in an effort to resolve the following matters:

  1. Is the SPMAFI setting a precedent to be followed for the next and future homecoming programs by allowing the Host Jubilarian Batches to impose a fee or assessment (in the case of the 2025 Homecoming, the proposed fee is Php 25,000.) to any jubilarian or non-jubilarian batch who wish to join and perform in the homecoming program. (This implies of course that those who cannot or unwilling to pay the proposed fee will not be allowed to join the program, a practice that has never been done before.)
  1. Does this not contravene the objective of encouraging and welcoming wider participation and attendance during SPMAFI homecoming events as it reserves the right to participate in the homecoming program only to those who are able to pay the proposed assessment/participation fee. In fact, it is inconsistent with the core values that SPMAFI abides by as an alumni organization or institution which include “Respect for each other’s capabilities, embracing diversity, and inclusivity within our alumni community in promoting participation and involvement in SPMAFI activities.”
  1. There is also a need to clarify as some have asked, does non-payment of the program participation fee of Php 25,000 also exclude them from attending the mass, joining the parade of colors,  or even being acknowledged as a jubilarian batch celebrant which are traditionally part of the homecoming program and jubilee celebrations, and are what alumni look forward to as part of the Paulinian alumni homecoming experience.
  1. If the purpose of the proposed homecoming program participation fee is to help defray the high cost of producing the “Tapestry “ program concept, then it should be a call for voluntary donations or contributions from Jubilarian  batch participants, and not imposed as a prerequisite for joining the program. This is akin to what HS Class 74 did when they invited College Batch 74 to “Co-Host” the last homecoming event (Paghabi) which the SPMAFI Board allowed because it was a purely voluntary arrangement  and the “Co-Hosts” were free to decide how much they would contribute or donate as such. The Co- Host Batch actually contributed close to Php100,000 for the last homecoming event as a voluntary donation. Furthermore, the “Co-Hosting fee” was not imposed on other jubilarian batch celebrants as a prerequisite for performing during the program .

Upon due deliberation on the foregoing issues and concerns, and cognizant that a number of Jubilarian Batches may have signified their willingness to pay the Php 25,000 Homecoming Program Participation Fee proposed by the Jubilarian Host Batch, the SPMAFI Board  by a majority  vote of Trustees  present at May 24, 2024 Special Board Meeting have decided to resolve this matter as follows:

  1. Any assessment made on Jubilarian batches performing in the 2025 “Tapestry” Homecoming Program be deemed voluntary donations or contributions made by them to help defray production costs to be incurred by the Jubilarian Hosts and shall not be imposed as a pre-requisite for participation in the Homecoming Program. This is to encourage broader participation among alumni in the homecoming program and activities, regardless of capacity to pay.
  1. In no instance should the collection of such assessments, donations or contributions from jubilarian or non-jubilarian alumni homecoming participants set a precedent for future homecoming policies or practices which shall be reviewed and approved by the SPMAFI Board on a case-to-case basis, to allow flexibility to adapt to new situations and circumstances as they arise with full discretion and authority left to the SPMAFI Board whose responsibility is to look after the interest and welfare of the majority of its alumni constituency.  
  1. Those who chose not to perform or join the homecoming program should be allowed to attend the mass, parade of colors, and commemorate their jubilee as Paulinians as they see fit and should never be denied the full expression of their Paulinian spirit. We are committed to uphold the values of respect, diversity and inclusivity in all SPMAFI activities and programs.

Caritas Christi Urget Nos ……          

Patricia Arches

SPMAFI President

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