PAGHABI – Paulinian Spirit Lives On

Posted on December 20, 2023

This homecoming’s theme of paghabi introduces the noble concept of getting through life together.
It connotes the ability of each Paulinian to walk the journey of life, understanding that each one has her own web to complete.

It is a process of once again coming together to rejuvenate the depth of the spirit the school has embedded in the heart of each one. It suggests to every Paulinian to reflect and see how she can fully appreciate what each one goes through.

As years are passing by fast, there is a need to link lives.

In knowing the life of another, there is a meaning in accompanying her in her journey.

Paghabi is only possible if there is that desire of each one to be a part of the web or the tapestry that still has to be completed.

There is no such thing as an end when it is the spirit that is at move. Paghabi is a continuing process of seeing the changes in the other and still keeping that link even tighter through the years.

As we come home to our beloved Alma Mater once again, reminiscing the beautiful and awesome time we all experienced in her halls, we realize that coming home brings the spirit of oneness with the other, despite the various changes that have happened in each one’s life.

Paghahabi encourages everyone to embrace the now that this homecoming will present. With and in the presence of fellow Paulinians, this homecoming will make each one feel that she is well loved.

Paghahabi is meant to realize once again that the PAULINIAN SPIRIT IS UNIQUE, simple yet spiritually noble, and totally anchored on GOD.

Pilar Nenuca P. Almira
HS 1970, BS 1974

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